From the Babbacombe Bay web site – is fair to say that pretty much everyone has struggled in one way or another this year. A sense of community and beautiful surroundings are two things that can be of huge help. Fortunately for all of us in Babbacombe Bay, we have the Babbacombe Bay Bloomers. This great team have worked hard (and safely) as much as they can so that when we are out and about our environment is that little bit nicer. However, if you have not managed to be out and about in Babbacombe Bay of late, you might like to take a look at this video showcasing the team and some of the areas they look after. Huge thanks to them all. Click here to see the video

From Torbay’s Natural Environment Services – Well done to everyone involved in caring for the green spaces and planting in Babbacombe & St Marychurch. Although there was no judging for Britain in Bloom this year, for obvious reasons, the Babbacombe Bay Bloomers made and sent in a video of the area to show everyone how wonderful it looked.

From the Torbay Weekly PaperAre you ready for the benefits of Green Space volunteering? Babbacombe Bay Bloomers are a group that make a big difference to their surroundings by caring for planted beds, baskets and green spaces in the area but equally, being part of a group like this makes a big difference to each individual because volunteering means making friends and meeting like-minded people’. Volunteering in parks, gardens and other green spaces provides opportunities for physical activity, plenty of fresh air and time spent outdoors, which is good for general wellbeing.

From Torbay Council & the Herald Express Paper – A campaign to recruit volunteers to help enhance Torbay’s parks, flower beds and green spaces. ‘Babbacombe Bay Bloomers are a great example of a local volunteering group who get involved with their local green spaces’.  Pictured are Linda & Sue on their weekly watering and weeding duties.