Our aim is to plant and maintain the local area in the most environmentally friendly way we can.

Sustainability the Rose Garden planting is sustainable, but the Precinct does need an extra burst of colour, so we add in a mixture of sustainable and bedding to keep the insects fed and to make the Precinct more colourful and welcoming to shoppers and visitors alike.

Bug hotels, feeders and nesting boxes can be found dotted around and about the locality.  Hedges have been laid to give more nesting sites for our birds and winrows added for shelter and homes for mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Watering of our plants in the floral planters and containers is a challenge as there is not a water supply near by.  We transport our water in our bowser, fondly named Squirty McSquirter Face and our watering team can often be seen out and about with Squirty around the local areas, helping to keep our planting a welcoming sight for visitors and residents alike.

Community the Bloom team carry out regular litter picks around the St Marychurch and Babbacombe area, helping to keep the Precinct, roads, verges, and parks litter free, recycling whenever possible.



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