Friends are special people and Babbacombe Bay Bloomers are fortunate to enjoy the support of a loyal group of Friends. 

With support coming from our local Councillors, Torbay Member of Parliament, the District Action Group, Traders, Businesses, Schools, Voluntary Gardening Groups, Rotary, local Bloom Groups, amongst many others.

Members of the community who see us working will sometimes hand us a ten or twenty pound note or a few coins towards our planting costs.  The lovely comments we receive when on our working parties make the effort worthwhile.  We appreciate people taking the time to come and chat to us.  Local coffee shops kindly supply us with free coffee and cakes as well as advertise our posters and thank you certificates in their windows.

This year we have already had two new Friends come forward with offers of help and sponsorship, Aspire Direct Marketing and Renaissance Homes.  We are looking forward to working with them.

Our face book pages are full of wonderful comments from far and wide from people who appreciate the natural beauty of our area and the effort we put in to keeping it environmentally friendly as well as attractive with our colourful floral displays and wildlife areas.

We welcome new Friends who can support us with kind words, new ideas, practical gardening help, donations or sponsorship and we are always happy to take photos of sponsors for joint publicity promotions.

Presenting Local Traders with Personalised ‘Thank You Certificates’ for Sponsoring and Supporting Babbacombe Bay Bloomers.