The Millennium Copse is the strip of wooded land alongside the by-pass, between Chilcote Close and Rowley Road.

In 1999 the action group put forward a proposal to Torbay Council to adopt the strip of land alongside the St Marychurch by-pass to mark the celebration of the Millennium. Due to fly tipping and neglect, it had become an eyesore.

The proposal was; to enhance the area and protect it from future development. The Millennium Copse (or Green) a community inspired wildlife and conservation project began in January 2000. Over thirty bags of rubbish removed, large quantities of earth moved and a massive commemoration stone transported to the site and placed in a prominent position. Timber fencing and kissing gates were added on the outer perimeters of the copse. On completion of the basic groundwork, local boy scouts and volunteers planted one hundred native trees and shrubs. Oak, Ash, Field Maple, Wayfarer, Spindle, Hawthorne, Common Privet, Wild Rose, Holly and Gorse, under planted with wildflowers, daffodils and crocus donated by Suttons Seeds Torbay. A commemorative Oak tree in memory of Roger Mann was planted at the Copse in 2006.

Roger helped to get the whole thing going, working alongside with knowledge and humour. A small plaque is positioned in front of the tree. Bird nest boxes and bug houses have been added attracting birds and insects. Long tailed Field mice or Wood mice, frogs, toads, newts and slow worms are seen, along with badgers, foxes, owls and bats. We have been hedge laying to give hedge nesting birds a safe haven, it will take a while to thicken up but it will bring more diversification to the Copse. Coppicing the Hazel and the removal of the excessive Alexanders, that are overpowering the wild flowers, is ongoing.


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